Kitchen Hacks

Cooking, cleaning and preparing meals in the kitchen can pose unique challenges to anyone with mobility impairments or difficulty using their hands or arms. Sharp knives, unusually shaped fruits and vegetables and suddenly boiling pots keep you on your toes (or wheels) in the kitchen. Just because you don’t have full use of both hands, however, doesn’t mean you can’t be a whiz in the kitchen. It may take a bit more time to get the job done but with patience, ingenuity, help from a friend or family member on occasion, and the proper equipment, there will always be a place for you in the kitchen. 

While there are probably many more creative hacks to make time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable take a look at some of the options found below!

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: this information is meant to alert you to the equipment that exists to help you but is not intended as a training module to use it safely. Please contact the manufacturer of each device or a qualified therapist to help you select devices most appropriate to you and to teach you how to use it safely.

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Rocker knife: The T-Grip Rocker Knife allows the user to grasp the handle and rock the blade back and forth across the food, eliminating the need to saw back and forth.

T-Grip Rocker Knife

Built Up Utensils: the handles on these utensils have a larger circumference which makes it easier to grip and hold them. You can purchase a set of utensils pre-made with larger handles such as these: Vive Adaptive Utensil Set or you can purchase tubing such as Foam Tubing Grips to Make Built Up Utensils Handles and add it to any slender tool or utensil in your home.

Curved Silverware: for those with limited hand/wrist range of motion or spasticity this type of utensil can direct the food into your mouth more easily and comfortably. Note: these come in left- and right-handed styles to pay attention when ordering.

Parsons ADL Comfort Grip Curved Utensils, Soup Spoon, Left

Universal Cuff: great for anyone with hand weakness or limited dexterity, the universal cuff straps around the hand and on the palm side allows for any long household item such as a fork or knife, comb or toothbrush to be held into place for use. If more support at the wrist is needed to keep it extended consider a universal cuff/wrist orthosis combo like this Standard Wrist Orthosis with Universal Cuff. If the user has some stability in the wrist already the smaller version that fits just around the hand such as Norco Universal Quad Cuff may be more appropriate

Liftware Tremor Utensils: these devices were designed to adjust to the amplitude of a hand tremor to try and stabilize the surface of the spoon or fork to allow for easier transfer of food from plate to mouth. Some people are better candidates than others and with a hefty price tag research into the device is a good idea before purchasing

Liftware Steady Starter Kit for Hand Tremor

Cooking tools

Single-handed cutting board: The Single Handed Cutting Board is designed with a barrier in one corner of the board against which items like a sandwich can be stabilized. They also include a number of spikes onto which items like fruits or vegetables can be applied so they don’t move while you cut them.

Adaptive Kitchen Workstation: this multifaceted device suctions to the countertop to prevent slipping. It allows you to stabilize a variety of items for slicing, grating or chopping and provides a nonslip place for bowl to sit while mixing. The Cutting Boards For Kitchen And Meal Prep, Adaptive Wood And Plastic Cutting Board, Kid-Safe Chopping Board  comes with good reviews of its efficacy.

Jar openers: These come in various sizes and shapes and can help open stubborn jar tops. Whether you lack the strength to grasp it tightly or the use of second hand to stabilize the jar these tools can be a lifesaver. Here are a few examples: The Grip Jar Opener: The Original Under Cabinet Lid Opener, Electric Jar Opener, Kitchen Gadget Strong Tough Automatic Jar Opener , Jar Opener Can Opener Bottle Opener

Cut Resistant Gloves: These can be a lifesaver, or finger saver in this case. Cut resistant gloves are made with specialized materials to protect the skin against the sharp edge of a knife blade, grater or mandoline slicer. If you don’t feel like you have the steadiest of hands or greatest coordination these gloves can bring confidence in the kitchen.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Herb mincer/food chopper: can chop small herbs or food like garlic into small pieces using one hand. You can purchase rolling options like this one: Simposh Mini Chopper or cylindrical ones that you press down on like this one: ZYLISS FastCut Herb Mincer

Other Helpful Items:

Lap Desk for Wheelchair Users: A simple LapGear Mydesk Lap Desk can be a perfect workstation for prepping food from your wheelchair. Consider the material it is made of to ensure you can clean an sanitize it easily between uses.

Kitchen Roll About: The Kitchen Roll About is a wheeled trivet that allows you to move heavy and hot pots or dishes along the countertop without having to lift them 

Nonslip Mats: stabilize plates, bowls, cutting boards or other items

gasare, Extra Large, Thicker, Silicone Mats,

Suction cup plate: The Ableware Scooper Plate with Suction Cup Base for example, adheres to the table to prevent spilling or slippage of the plate during meals 

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